• Butch


    Thug with a heart of gold, well maybe gold plated but if you have his back he will have yours.
  • Marlow


    Smuggler with a heart though the good sense to know that sentiment won't save your life.
  • Garrick Eponheim

    Garrick Eponheim

    Wounded in a Skirmish long ago when Godrich pushed him from his saddle to save his life. Garrick has become a moderatley properous merchant. He constantly uses guilt to try and maniplulate Goddrich.
  • Lord Arteb

    Lord Arteb

    Last of a Nobel Merchant family now that his son has been possessed by a the spirit of a necromancer. Owes the lives of his family to the PC's but they are also responsible for the position he is in, though he remains unaware of this.
  • Lord Franz

    Lord Franz

    Fat with a greasy Palor this Lord of the Merchants has climbed to the top of the ladder with only a few more plots needed to see him gain the ultimate power in the city. The crown of Marienburg.
  • Maddam Gisselle

    Maddam Gisselle

    Aged by hardship more than years Maddam Gisselle run the prostitues of the Dood Canal with a heart of gold. At least she used too before they were destroyed.