Smuggler with a heart though the good sense to know that sentiment won't save your life.


Race: Human
Name: Marlow
Creation Points 25
Career: Smuggler
Career Primary Statistics: Toughness/Fellowship

Actions: Sudden Knife, Close Quarters shot, Fluster, Backstab
Talents: Shady, Confident
Skills: Guile, Skullduggery, Stealth
Specialisations: Stealth(Move Silently)

Strength 3
Toughness 4
Agility 3
Intelligence 2
Willpower 3
Fellowship 4

You start play with:
Equipment: Durable, comfortable clothes, a cloth rucksack, a ‘dagger, quarterstaff, crossbow, or hand weapon’, and 50 silver coins.
Racial Bonuses: Adaptable, Diversity, Favored by Fate (WFRP 23)
Wound Threshold: 13



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