Tales From the City of Bronze and Gold

One Year Later

After subduing the undead army and bring peace and normality back to most of Marienburg it is sad that the same can’t be said for our brave adventurers.

Rose seeks innner peace but so far the only way she has found a temporary release is by embracing the darkness inside.

Godrich lost his hand in the explosion to open the safe and seeks knowledge to forge a replacement.

Marlows world is turned on it’s head after he realised it was he who delivered the pox ridden package to his family consigning himself to the life of an orphan.

For Butch the burning of the Dood Canal has robbed him of the only home he ever knew, now he helps to rebuild but many in the city are blocking his attempts as the would rather see the district abandoned and it inhabitants ousted from the city.

Story So Far

Centred in and around Marrienburg the players are a rough bunch of characters doing their best to survive in the poorest quarter of city of Merchants.

With disturbing pasts and personal histories manipulated by those whose station is way above their own the characters have stumbled from one adventure to the next bringing disaster down on those who would be their friends and allies and moving Lord Franz closer to his ultimate victory.

As the the realisation of how much they have been manipulated starts to dawn on the characters they prepare to face the Merchant Lords in the Chambers of Commerce.

At the same time a darkness grows outside of town and whispers start to arrive of evil things stiring in the woods outside the walls of the city.

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